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SmartHub Lets You Peek Inside Your Home, Even When You’re Away

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Ravalli Electric Co-op members who haven’t taken advantage of SmartHub yet are missing out on an important opportunity. It’s not just a portal for online bill pay, although that is one of its many uses. SmartHub features powerful tools to help users monitor their electricity usage and gain a clear understanding of the corresponding charges on their monthly bills

Members that have summer residences or spend part of their year away from their Bitterroot homes can especially benefit from using SmartHub. It’s a great way for them to monitor the electricity usage in their homes and monitor any changes that could indicate a problem. For instance, a spike in usage unrelated to weather may be caused by a malfunctioning pump or water heater.

SmartHub may be accessed one of two ways; the web version is available from any web enabled device by clicking on the link at, and the mobile app can be downloaded and installed on your mobile phone or tablet via your device’s app store. Either version will provide secure access to the member’s account and it takes less than three minutes to set up.

In addition to viewing bills, payment history and making payments, users have the ability to monitor and manage electric usage from afar with the use of graphics and usage markers. Usage markers (date range or point in time) can be set up to monitor changes in usage such as when a family arrived for vacation or headed back home. It’s a good idea to check usage after leaving to verify nothing in the house was left on. Local weather data can even be added to the graph to establish whether a rise in electric usage is a result of cold winter temperatures.

SmartHub can give peace of mind when members are enjoying warmer winter temperatures outside of Montana. There is no need to wait to talk with a Member Services representative with billing questions related to usage. Members can view their safe and secure account data 24/7. And if further information or assistance is required, members have access to the same, “real-time” data REC staff has, resulting in less confusion.

By utilizing SmartHub, members can gain a better understanding of how their part-time residences use electricity when they’re not there. As a result, they will be able to more closely adhere to their budgets and will become more energy efficient at the same time.

Contact Ravalli Electric Co-op if you have questions or need help signing up for SmartHub.