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Welcome To Ravalli Electric Co-op

Ravalli Electric Co-op is a not-for-profit cooperative with one office located just north of Corvallis, Montana.

We were incorporated in 1936 as part of a national movement which became the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) when rural farmers and ranchers asked the federal government to loan them money to electrify. Rural Montanans didn’t want to be left in the dark just because they didn’t live in the cities.

There are many co-ops in the state of Montana: Missoula Electric, Flathead Electric, Vigilante and Lincoln Electric to name a few. Montana co-ops are all predominantly rural.

Ravalli Electric Co-op was the first co-op in the state. We now serve approximately 8,000 members.

What’s different about the Ravalli Electric Co-op?

The mission of Ravalli County Electric Co-op is to meet a changing membership’s need for reliable electric service and innovative energy solutions that are cost-based and affordable.
Ravalli Electric Co-op is owned by its members. If you receive electric service from us, that means you! Rules and guidelines are enacted by a seven-member board of trustees elected for three year terms by the membership (you again!). They are not employees. They are your direct line of influence over the policies and procedures that impact your electrical service.
Ravalli Electric Co-op (REC) is a non-profit corporation. Any funds collected above the cost of operation (called “margins”) are annually transferred back to our members in the form of Capital Credits. Capital Credits are your equity in the co-op. We periodically refund Capital Credits to our members when the financial condition of the cooperative permits. Each year a statement will be mailed to you concerning your Capital Credits. If you have any questions about your equity in the cooperative, contact us.
We want to get to know you! You will receive communication from us through the monthly Rural Montana Magazine (look for the “Watts Up?” section for news from your local REC), via the Annual Report which is mailed to all members each year, and at the Annual Meeting held in March. You can also expect to hear from us through periodic bill stuffers, social media, and the occasional carrier pigeon (ok, maybe not that last one).

But, we want to hear from you too! That’s why we urge all REC members to attend the Annual Meeting to learn about current issues and voice any questions or concerns. Call us, email us, Facebook us or drop by our office in Corvallis and say hello. And be sure take advantage of your democratic right to participate in the annual vote. Every member gets one. This is your co-op! When board member elections or bylaw changes take place, you have the right to voice your opinion!

Meet Our Office Team

<strong>Mark Grotbo - General Manager</strong>
Mark Grotbo - General Manager
Mark joined REC in 2014 after ten years serving as General Manager with Marias River Electric Cooperative in Shelby. When he’s not working, you will likely find him training for a triathlon, hiking, hunting, taking in a Bobcats game, or otherwise enjoying the Montana outdoors.
<strong>Mike Byrne - Manager of Finance/IT</strong>
Mike Byrne - Manager of Finance/IT
Mike has been with REC for 27 plus years. He oversees the office functions of the co-op such as accounting, finance, billing, and Information Technology. Mike enjoys spending time outdoors fishing, hunting and camping with family and friends. He is a University of Montana Alumni so of course he is also a big Griz fan!
<strong>Jim Maunder - Member Services</strong>
Jim Maunder - Member Services
Manager of Member Services Ravalli Electric Co-op since August 2006, Jim has over 29 years
experience as an Energy Specialist. He’s an avid outdoorsman enjoying all Montana has to offer from rafting to hunting and fishing.
<strong>Leslie McAffee - HR & Benefits Specialist</strong>
Leslie McAffee - HR & Benefits Specialist
Leslie graduated from Idaho State University with a Master’s in Public Administration. She’s spent 9 years in HR and appreciates the diversity of her position. When she’s not in the office, you might find her paddling her kayak down the river, spending time with family or enjoying a good book.
<strong>Melissa Greenwood - Communications Specialist</strong>
Melissa Greenwood - Communications Specialist
Melissa joined the Co-Op in 2016. She moved to Montana in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. She is a graduate from Boise State University with a degree in Communications. She loves spending time with her husband and two daughters enjoying all the beautiful Bitterroot Valley has to offer. She also enjoys Crossfit and traveling around Montana watching her girls compete in softball and golf.
<strong>Marianne Kern - Consumer Services</strong>
Marianne Kern - Consumer Services
Marianne grew up in Hamilton and has been married to Mr. Wonderful for 28 blissful years. She has 2 beautiful daughters and a pretty good looking son-in-law also. Her 3 grandchildren are the light of her life. She truly loves our members and enjoys getting to know them. You can always count on Marianne to put a smile on your face!
<strong>Cindy Harper - Consumer Service Coordinator</strong>
Cindy Harper - Consumer Service Coordinator
Cindy grew up in Darby and is married to her high school sweetheart. She has been with REC since 1991. It is her job to make sure that you receive an electric bill every month. Her time off is spent enjoying the great outdoors with her hubby & her Golden Retriever Willy… they will most likely be camping, hiking or fishing. She also spends quite a bit of time in her sewing room creating quilts for family & friends.
<strong>Joanne Meyer - Accounts Payable</strong>
Joanne Meyer - Accounts Payable
Joanne started with the Co-op in September 2009. Her duties include Accounts Payable, Payroll & Customer Service. Joanne enjoys the great outdoors of Montana usually with a camera in hand. She also loves to travel & explore new areas. Many of those trips include visiting her son, daughter-in-law & 3 granddaughters.
<strong>Jim McKay - Systems Engineer</strong>
Jim McKay - Systems Engineer
Jim has been with REC for twenty five years. Prior to coming to REC he worked with Montana Power as a lineman in Bozeman, Pacific Gas and Electric in California as an engineer and as an engineer with Power Engineers in Hailey Idaho. He also likes to fish.
<strong>Ed Purcell - Engineer</strong>
Ed Purcell - Engineer
Ed is an Engineer with Ravalli Electric Co-op. He moved here from sunny Florida in January 2015 and really enjoys serving the valley through his work at the co-op. On the weekends, you’ll likely find him exploring the mountains.
<strong>Levi Dunn - Field Engineer</strong>
Levi Dunn - Field Engineer
Levi is a Field Engineer with the Co-op. Originally from Gillete, Wyoming, he moved here from Medicine Lake and is looking forward to the milder Bitterroot winters. He enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors hiking and hunting and stays busy with his three young boys.
<strong>Joe Smith - Manager of Engineering</strong>
Joe Smith - Manager of Engineering
Joe started at the Co-op in January of 2016, after working over 10 years in consulting engineering and land surveying. Joe is a graduate of both Montana Tech, and the University of Kentucky. He and his family love living in Corvallis and spend as much time as possible outdoors.
<strong>Kyle Kearns - Line Superintendent</strong>
Kyle Kearns - Line Superintendent
Kyle has been with the Co-op for 13 years. He oversees the field operations and more or less, keeps the linemen in line (see what I did there?). He stays busy with his wife and three kids, school sports and the division that exists in his own family between the Griz and Cats fans.

Meet all of us and our Board of Directors

 Top L-R:  Eric Hansen  |  Ric Twardoski  |  Marianne Kern  |  Levi Dunn  |  Kyle Kearns  |  Cindy Harper  |  Randy English  |  Bob Lee  |  Alex Keith  |  Leslie McAffee  |  Joanne Meyer |  Marsha Draper  |

Middle L-R:  Brien Weber |  Ed Purcell |  Joe Smith |  Eric Skov |  Mark Grotbo |  Jim McKay |  Todd Irwin |  Kenny Buhler |  Dan Kratofil | Matt Olson |  Jeff Huls  | Dave Schmidt | Mike Byrne |  Larry Trexler  |  Jim Maunder  |  Rex Griffin  |  Bob Popham  |  Dennis Schnieter  |

Bottom L-R:  Bob Montoya  |  Bob Popham  |  Wayne Olson  |

 not pictured: Laura Reichart, Melissa Greenwood, Rob Dostart, Josh Burch, Shaun Barnes, Josh Blair

Meet Our Line Team

  L-R:  Dave Schmidt   Josh Burch    Bob Montoya   Dan Kratofil   Todd Irwin   Kyle Kearns   Alex Keith   Randy English  Ric Twardoski    Kenny Buhler   Matt Olson   Jeff Huls   Eric Hansen