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  • Credit Check

    If your credit check is negative, you will be required to pay a deposit. Deposit amount will be an amount equal to the average usage for the previous 12 months, times 2 months.

    The minimum deposit amount on a residential account is $150.00. The deposit on a commercial account is equal to $7 per connected KVA, but not less than $150 for each account. Deposit is due at the time the application for membership is completed.

  • No Credit

    If no credit information is available, you may provide a credit reference from your previous power company.

  • Delinquent Accounts

    If your account becomes delinquent at any time, a deposit may be charged to your account.

  • Unpaid Final Balances

    In the event that you have left the Co-op with an unpaid balance on more than one occasion, the deposit amount will be double.

  • Refunded Deposits

    Deposits are refundable one year from the date of payment if an excellant credit rating is established. Deposits are also refundable upon termination of service, after final bill has been paid.

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Disconnects for Nonpayment


Of course we are not fans of disconnecting. It is costly for both you and the Cooperative, and we just feel rotten when we have to shut someone’s power off. Nonpayment affects the entire membership. If you are struggling to pay your electric bill, please give us a call at 406-961-3001.

Accounts will be disconnected for the following reasons:

  • Payment Arrangements that were not honored.
  • Non-Payment of Past Due Bills. A past due bill is any bill remaining unpaid for 30 days from mailing date of the first billing.
  • Returned Checks that are not made good.

*A $25.00 Handling Charge will be assessed for all returned checks marked “NSF” by your bank. You must make the check good or your service will be disconnected.

If a serviceman arrives at your residence to disconnect for nonpayment, payment in full, plus $50.00 Trip Fee(s), (each trip is accessed a $50.00 Trip Fee) must be collected to continue service.

The Co-op reserves the right to reconnect such account only during the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Any meter found to be tampered with will be charged a $500.00 Meter Tampering Fee, plus all material, labor and transportation charges incurred. All meter tampering cases will be prosecuted.

Credit Arrangements

Simple Extensions… We will allow a simple extension on a payment if you do not already have a past due balance. Just a reminder: interest is added to the account @1% per month.

Social Services Arrangements… During the winter months there are programs that help low income consumers with their heating bills. If you utilize these programs, you are responsible to pay your portion of the bill.

We realize that there will be some exceptions. In all special cases you must contact us to make a payment agreement. All agreements are subject to a Consumer Service Representatives approval.

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