How to Pay Your Bill Online Without Being Duped by a Third Party Payment Processor

//How to Pay Your Bill Online Without Being Duped by a Third Party Payment Processor

How to Pay Your Bill Online Without Being Duped by a Third Party Payment Processor

Ravalli Electric Co-op (REC) offers members the convenience of an on-line bill payment feature accessible from our website at Users may click on “Login to SmartHub” or “Pay My Bill” to use this feature. New users will need to register the first time they visit by entering their account number, last name, and email address. It’s a simple way for members to pay their bills and track their energy usage.

Over the past several months REC has heard from members who thought they were paying their electric bills through our website, but were confused about being charged a service fee. One member was even charged a late fee on her next bill because REC received payment after the due date, even though she submitted it well ahead of the deadline.

It turns out, if you “Google” Ravalli Electric Co-op to find our website, there are several third party payment companies that will also come up in your search. These payment processors will gladly process your payment if you click on them.

The most prominent Google result,, comes up number two under The payment page even displays the Ravalli Electric Co-op logo, so it can be a source of confusion for someone paying online for the first time. Doxo, and others are legitimate payment processors (Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, is an investor) and allow you to pay multiple bills on the same website. But they do make their money by charging an additional fee for the convenience.

If you deliberately choose to utilize a third party payment processor, remember, they will likely charge you an additional fee and you will have little control over when the payment is delivered to us.
To avoid using third party payment processors by mistake, keep the following in mind when paying your bill online:

  • Type directly into your browser window rather than using Google to find the website. (if you do use Google, be sure to click on the first result and note the website address is
  • Visit prior to paying your bill to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of the website. This will make it easier for you to recognize when you are on our site vs. a lookalike.
  • Remember, if you are being charged a service charge, you are on a third party site. Ravalli Electric will not charge you an additional fee to pay your bill online through our SmartHub payment processor.

If you have questions about online bill pay, don’t hesitate to call the REC office at 961-3001. We would be glad to help walk you through the process.

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