What happens on the trip?

The trip begins with a flight to Washington, D.C. with all the Montana participants. The perfect opportunity to meet new friends! Once arriving at your destination, you would find another 1,500 students from across the nation all staying at the same hotel. Yes, you will have plenty of time to make even more friends.

While in D.C. we have a lot to do and so many things to see. Each trip every year may be a little different, but may include the following adventures:

Visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, visit the Pentagon City Mall, take part in a National Cooperative Youth Day, tour the Smithsonian Museums, stop by the Hard Rock Café, enjoy a Moonlight Cruise and Dance on the Potomac River, visit your state congressional representatives and tour the Capitol, visit the Marine Corps Iwo Jima Memorial, visit the Lincoln Memorial and Roosevelt Memorial, take a selfie at the White House, tour Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, watch the Changing of the Guard, visit the Kennedy grave sites, explore the US Naval Academy in Minneapolis, go to the Washington Monument and more!

We guarantee you will love this amazing experience and will be a bit sad when you board the plane back to Montana. You will make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.  Now, how is that for a free trip?