Billing Cycles


If you do not receive a bill, please contact us; you are still responsible for the electricity consumed.

  • The Co-op mails bills twice each month
  • Your physical address determines your billing cycle
    • North Ravalli County receiving bills on the last day of the month that are due by the 15th
    • South Ravalli County receiving bills on the 15th that are due on the 1st
  • Bills are deemed delivered when delivered to the U.S. Post Office with postage

Vacating a Property

It is your responsibility to keep us informed of your current mailing address.

  • All consumers are responsible for notifying the Cooperative when they vacate the property
  • You will be responsible for all charges until we are notified

Delinquent Accounts

Please keep in mind that we bill a month behind, therefore you will have 1 more bill after your account has been closed.

  • Considered delinquent if bills are not paid within 15 days
  • Delinquent accounts will be subject to an interest charge of:
    • 12% annum (1% per month)
    • The minimum interest charge is $.50 per month

Budget Billing

Two people checking their bills

  • Allows you to make payments of the same amount each month
  • We take your 12-month average and add 10%, which becomes your monthly payment
  • Each April is “True Up” month
    • If you have a balance due it must be paid in full at this time
    • If you have a credit balance, you can “skip” payment this month
    • Your account will be re-evaluated, and given a new budget amount if necessary

Is Budget Billing Right for Me?