Ductless Heat Pump Rebate Agreement

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Zonal includes zonal hydronic systems. For electric hydronic upgrades, claim as zonal if heat distribution is through in-floor radiant or wall radiators, and claim as an existing forced-air furnace if distribution is through a duct system. Existing single-family residential additions where the primary electric or nonelectric system’s duct work has not been extended to the addition and/or where the current heating source in the addition is electric zonal are eligible for a DHP. Otherwise this rebate will not apply.

To be eligible for incentive payment under the BPA program the home must have permanently installed zonal electric resistance heat or an electric resistance forced air furnace as the primary heating system. A qualifying home cannot: (i) be new construction, (ii) have a fossil fuel central forced air or fossil fuel hydronic heating system, nor (iii) have a ducted heat pump system.

The undersigned utility customer requests and authorizes the specified utility to release billing and usage information for the account listed below to the BPA or its agent. With this authorization, the BPA can request billing information for up to two years pre -installation and two years post-installation. The utility customer also hereby releases the utility company from any and all liability arising from or connected with providing this information. The homeowner also agrees to the terms and conditions listed on the back of this form.

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