Net Metering Agreement


Ravalli County Electric Cooperative, Inc. (REC) recognizes that their members may want to take advantage of alternative on-site generation sources. This policy outlines the means and requirements for interconnection of this generation with the rural electric distribution lines. While this policy primarily assesses interconnection options, it is recognized that a member may generate without interconnecting to the cooperative lines.

Availability and Requirements

When a member desires to interconnect to the cooperative’s grid, the following minimal requirements must be met:
  1. A signed interconnection agreement outlining specific terms and conditions with the cooperative is required.
  2. The generation source shall be renewable including but not limited to wind, solar, geothermal, hydro or fuel cells.
  3. A non-refundable processing fee of $175 must accompany the Application.

Net Metering Program

Net Metering is defined as the interconnection of member owned generation from a renewable source to cooperative facilities, in which the generation output of energy not used at the service is netted against the energy delivered by the cooperative within the following guidelines:
  • Name-plate generating capacity shall not exceed 10 kW.
  • Member generation is intended primarily to offset part or all of the member’s own electrical requirements at the service.
  • Member/owner must apply for and be approved by REC before, installing, enlarging or upgrading their renewable system. Such upgrades or improvements will require a new interconnection agreement and is subject to changes in terms, conditions and rates at such time.
  • Costs associated with interconnecting or administering net metering systems are the responsibility of the customer generator.
  • A Net Meter will be installed with two monthly registers. One register for KWH’s Used (Forward Energy) and the second register for KWH’s Generated (Reverse Energy).
  • Energy delivered to the member-generator from REC’s system (Forward Energy Register) shall be billed monthly at the current retail rate, as published in REC’s current rate policy.
  • Excess generation energy flowing from the member-generator to REC’s system (Reverse Energy Register) shall be credited monthly to the member-generator at the wholesale rate, as published in REC’s current rate policy.
  • The dollar amount credited for KWH’s Generated can only offset the dollar amount billed for KWH’s Used. The dollar amount credited for KWH’s Generated will not count towards the fixed charges.
  • If the dollar amount credited for the KWH’s Generated exceeds the dollar amount billed for KWH’s Used in a month, then the excess dollar amount credits will be banked. Banked dollar amount credits will be credited to the member-generator on future monthly bills where the dollar amount of KWH’s Used exceeds the dollar amount of KWH’s Generated.
  • The banked dollar amount will be deleted once every 12 months, on an annually recurring date. This date will be determined by REC.

Utility Approval

Interconnection of the above-mentioned facility is approved contingent upon the Interconnection Standards for cogenerations and Small Producers, the return of the Certificate of Completion, and electric cooperative inspection once completed.
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