New Construction/ Upgrades

A meeting with a field engineer will be scheduled after the applicant has signed and returned the New Construction/Upgrades packet available below to the office and paid a design and estimate fee. Packets can be dropped off in person at our office in Victor, or sent in by mail. If mailing in a packet, please be sure to include your design and estimate fee.


Three men working with a tractor putting in power lines

The Co-op has established policies regarding service options such as the location of service, the route the line will take, and whether the line will be extended into the property via overhead or underground construction.

What is Required for New Service?

  • The State Electrical Permit
  • The cost of construction above the Co-op’s contribution
  • Address of the permanent location where service will be supplied
  • The installation of all facilities from the meter to the dwelling
  • Required easements to Ravalli County Electric Cooperative, Inc
  • Completed New Construction/Upgrades Packet
  • Non-refundable design and estimate fee
  • The legal description of the property and/or being able to locate the property on a map so the location can be communicated to the engineer
  • The type of service, i.e. residential, commercial, irrigation, seasonal, etc., and the size of load
  • Any covenants requiring underground service must be communicated
  • Please note that a membership application is required for every service location.

New Construction/Upgrades Packet

New Construction/Upgrades Packet (PDF)

New Construction Service

All new service installations must remain active for a minimum of 24 months. Members who disconnect prior to 24 months of service will be charged the minimum monthly fee for the prorated months (up to 24 months) not connected.


A consumer requesting the relocation of existing lines or converting existing overhead lines to underground will be responsible for 100% of the cost, including any special transformers, equipment, and materials that are needed. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and done only at the discretion of the Cooperative.

Idle Services

All line extensions are the property of the Cooperative to own, operate, and maintain, regardless of the members’ contribution to construction. Power lines and fixtures not utilized for 2 consecutive years will be considered idle. Members can keep idle services installed with an idle service payment of $100 annually or the equipment can be removed at the Cooperative’s discretion. Efforts of notification will be limited to current Cooperative billing records.

Security Lights

Costs incurred in the relocation of existing security lights will be borne 100% by the consumer.


The applicant will procure necessary easements or other necessary land use rights for line extensions and will furnish these to the Cooperative in a form to be recorded at the Ravalli County Court House.


The applicant shall perform any required right-of-way clearing before construction is scheduled.